Beauty Clinic

The exponential growth in the cosmetic market in the last decade, the Phoenix Investment team decided to invest in a beauty clinic using modern botox procedures by qualified practitioners. The Phoenix Team found this venture to be an emerging and popular market to invest in and are confident in the development and growth of this […]

Mesopotamia Surgical Ltd

Mesopotamia Surgical Ltd consists of a highly recommended team of private surgeons who are at the top of their profession with over 20 years of field experience. We are heavily involved in supplying medicines & medical equipment. In particular, our interests lie in surgical and orthopaedics equipment such as hip, knee, spine arthroplasty. We associate with either […]

Hareland Properties

This company has been heavily involved in property investment internationally for the last 15 years and domestically since 2005. Moving from strength to strength in difficult market conditions, Hareland leverages upon healthy cash flow in a tough credit environment and are always looking for new properties to add to their already impressive portfolio.

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