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Based within the heart of Didsbury Village in South Manchester, Ultima Vitality is an independent medical and cosmetic clinic that aims to provide high-quality health care services for all ages.

Services range from general medical consultations to non-surgical cosmetic procedures as well as travel advice and vaccinations.

They have recently updated their website with a new design and information.

For more information visit:

Treatment Room Waiting Room

New developments for Phoenix in the Gulf!

  • Phoenix Investment

    Phoenix Investment

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With the ongoing expansion and growth the chairman of the Phoenix Investment Team would like to thank all that have contributed to the success of the company including all staff, investors and contributors far across the world.  Furthermore the chairman would like to highlight that the future ahead promises to bring numerous profitable investment opportunities, especially with the recent export deals for medical equipment to the gulf states which is one of many achievements the Phoenix Investment Team will ensure are achieved.

Cosmetic Clinic to open in Central Manchester

  • Cosmetic Clinic

    Cosmetic Clinic

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Due to the exponential growth in the cosmetic market in the last decade, the Phoenix Investment team decided to invest in a beauty clinic using modern such as botox procedures by qualified practitioners. The Phoenix Team found this venture to be an emerging and popular market to invest in and are confident in the development and growth of this business.

Welcome to Phoenix Investment Team

  • Team Work

    Team Work

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A fundamental investment philosophy of ‘Building on Principles’ guides us at Phoenix Investment-Team.

Above all, we put our clients’ interests first, always adhering to high ethical standards. Because our success clearly comes from our dedication, thus by using fundamental investment principles to identify investment opportunities we can generate value and lasting profits.

We are strong believers in teamwork and are determined to recruit the best and brightest people as we open new horizons in the UK and expand globally. Just as we strive continually to improve our performance, Phoenix Investment-Team Ltd. is committed to helping every community it joins.

On behalf of the entire Phoenix Investment Team, we would like to convey the sense of responsibility your trust in us merits and pledge to do all that we can to exceed your expectations.

We value our people and embrace the future!

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As emerging market experts with a global perspective, we pursue excellence in investment management to help our clients achieve their long-term objectives.

Core values


  • Clients first Our clients’ success is our success. We will nurture long-term relationships by helping our clients build wealth for life with proven investment strategies.
  • Objectivity We assess opportunity impartially. Our independence helps ensure our decisions are aligned with the needs of our clients.
  • Team Work We grow through respect for each individual and belief in team spirit. We aim to create an ethical meritocracy in which talent is rewarded and opportunity is equally available to all.
  • Citizenship Profoundly aware of our responsibilities as good corporate citizens, we give back to the communities that nurture us and pledge to continue to support a range of community initiatives.

Hareland Properties Ltd

  • Property Development

    Property Development

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This company has been heavily involved in property investment internationally for the last 15 years and domestically since 2005. Moving from strength to strength in difficult market conditions, Hareland leverages upon healthy cash flow in a tough credit environment and are always looking for new properties to add to their already impressive portfolio.

Mesopotamia Surgical Ltd

  •  Mesopotamia Surgical Ultima Vitality Ltd

    Mesopotamia Surgical Ultima Vitality Ltd

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Mesopotamia Surgical Ultima Vitality Ltd consists of a highly recommended team of private surgeons who are at the top of their profession with over 20 years of field experience. We are heavily involved in supplying medicines & medical equipment.

In particular, our interests lie in surgical and orthopaedics equipment such as hip, knee, spine arthroplasty. We associate with either the actual manufacturing companies themselves or authorised suppliers in the U.S. and Western Europe such as DePuy orthopaedics, Zimmer Orthopaedics, Stryker Orthopaedics.

We also offer major medical equipment and medicine,  providing medicines such as Antibiotics and Anti-hypertensive.

New property development in Central Manchester

  • Construction


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The property investment is a secure and stable market. For this reason the Phoenix Investment Team have recently started development in an extensive listed property in Central Manchester. The property will be renovated to a high standard to ensure it matches the vibrant and active city centre.

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